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Why Get A Photo Booth?

 1. Entertaining for everyone at the party. We think a photo booth is all about the fun it creates! It’s guaranteed to be a hit at your event!
2. Unforgettable memories captured. Yes, capture the imagination of your guests, create a buzz, allowing your guests to interact and have fun, and most importantly, leaves a lasting impression. A wonderful thing happens with our system-people relax, and just have fun.
3. Epic Times Photo Booth has a totally unique, cool, and ultra-portable photo booth experience (without the squeezing into a box) that you can rent for your event. It creates on-site photo souvenirs using real cameras.
How does it work? Guests are guided up by an attendant. They can pick out any prop or costume they desire. Once in front of the kiosk, they can see themselves on the screen. A prompt on the screen tells them exactly what to do! Once the session has started it automatically takes three or four pictures about five seconds apart. The guests can act silly, laugh and have fun. In about 12 seconds, the stripped 2×6’s, 4×6, 5×7, 6×8 or 6×9 prints will be ready on the spot. That’s it.

Social Network Sharing!
The newest rage is social sharing. Sure a printed photo is nice, but, many clients and guests want to instantly share their photos on Twitter, Facebook, and by email. At some events we offer the option for the guests to go over to a separate kiosk where they can view the photos taken, and immediately send them to the social site of their choice. Your guests will LOVE this. It really brings the fun of a photo booth to the 21st century.

Highlighted features include:
Minimal waiting as our printers give you two photo strips in just 12 seconds! Prints come out completely dry so there’s no standing in line to collect your prints.
Group Photos, we will set it instantly so that each person in the photo has a copy.
Yes, we can do Green Screen photos!
We use an actual camera (No Grainy Webcams).
Open booth concept accepts larger groups.
Backdrops and Enclosures optional not a requirement.
Choose Color, Black & White or Video.
Handicap accessible
A few additional options are available:
Clear vinyl sleeves to be used as a bookmark
Acrylic frames
Memory book with photos and guest’s wishes.
We include the following for every event at no additional charge:
A personalized event layout.
Unlimited Prints for duration scheduled.
Party Props with tons to choose from.
Digital Transfer or DVD photo gallery provided at the end.
Full Copyright Release.
Friendly Service
No “Idle time” fees.

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